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You have set specific initiatives and goals for your company. You are looking to raise your employees’ expertise to meet those goals. Custom elearning tailors training to your business requirements, and engages your learners through an interactive simulation of their real-time environment.

Your teams need to get up-to-speed as business needs evolve. Time is precious and scheduling training can impact your resources. To this end, customized training is invaluable.

  • eLearning modules are accessible at any time, via any device

  • Training is delivered in brief lessons that carry maximum impact

  • Contextual learning materials mimic your workflows and business processes

You will discover that your employees retain the information easily and can successfully apply it to their day-to-day tasks. Their performance is enhanced, deliverables are easily met, and you have a concrete return on investment.



Gathering people together creates an invigorating learning environment. Here are some of the unique benefits to instructor-led training.

  • Our facilitators engage learners one-on-one

  • Individual attention is paid to each learner's needs

  • A classroom setting encourages information give and take―participants can learn from each other too

  • Learning as a group provides team-building opportunities

  • Training content can be readily adapted to the participant's level of experience

  • Questions, and job-related problem solving can be immediately addressed

Our trainers are specialists who excel in guiding learners through all aspects of a course of study, and our expert instructional designers devise relevant, accessible content. We incorporate your data sets to create learning examples your employees would encounter in their day-to-day activities. Classes are intentionally kept small, and information is delivered in manageable increments. Learners easily segue from the classroom environment to their professional responsibilities. Everyone benefits―no one gets left behind.




The training profession is volatile. There are new methodologies. Technologies. Your existing training platform vs. new discoveries about the way adults learn. You want to stay current, but with so much information out there—what is actually worth implementing? Our train the trainer courses give your educators the practical skills and confidence they need to succeed.

  • We help entry level trainers learn how to successfully transition their academic theory to practical and real-world training experience

  • Seasoned trainers learn new ways to boost retention with the latest accelerated learning techniques

  • We teach how to gauge a group’s needs and adjust material to meet them

  • We research new approaches to create effective learning, application, and ultimately enhanced job performance


How do you keep courses accessible, interactive and engaging–as well as covering all topics and most importantly, meeting corporate goals? Effective training begins with instructional design and good instructional design is an art. We teach essential skills to transfer knowledge to adult learners in ways that are educational, interesting and, most of all, effective. People absorb knowledge in different ways. Because of this, an instructional designer must be well-versed in developing training that can not only reach a diverse population, but do so effectively and succinctly. ID training can help your learning teams polish their skills, and expand their knowledge base to create compelling training materials.


Look to Polestar when you are ready to:

  • Review your training program

  • Research Train-the-Trainer and Train-the-Instructional-Designer courses

  • Determine the best LMS to manage your training

  • Investigate the latest eLearning development tools

  • Determine and source the best LMS for your company

  • Expand developer’s skills with the most popular development tools: Captivate, Storyline and Lectora



We help you identify problems and recommend solutions.

Polestar will collaborate with you to assess the overarching corporate aims that may require employee training to succeed. We review your short- and long-term plans, including anticipated business growth or decline, local, domestic or global expansion, the addition of new lines of goods and services. We examine your existing training infrastructure and IT concerns about training accessibility and data security. We review it all with an eye to a positive ROI vs implementation and running costs.

Taking this further, Polestar can source fresh training talent, vendors, and technology to complement your existing division, or to create something brand new. We can review and implement the latest learning strategies to create an online university. We will help you source the best LMS to manage your educational programs. Whatever decisions are made, Polestar will be there every step of the way, from the first exploration to a fully implemented, staffed, and up-and-running training division that is perfectly aligned with your corporate goals.



First, we identify the training direction. We start by learning from you: what you do, how you work, your workflows, your processes, your business goals that are driving the need for training.



Together, we collaborate with you to determine pertinent topics, learning paths, and data to create relevant courses. We decide on the best training delivery platforms to effectively achieve your goals.



Your topics, workflows, processes, and data sets are incorporated into training materials. Live classes are

small. eLearning modules are interactive. Information is in manageable chunks.



Customized learning supports business objectives. Building employee skills saves time and money. Your company enjoys positive, measurable
gains: Everyone benefits.

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