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Our Philosophy

Polestar Solutions: Creative, Collaborative, Problem Solving

Fully customized learning is a key to business success. We partner with you to identify your corporate needs and goals. Collaboratively, we will discover and create innovative custom solutions to produce successful business outcomes.


Some History

After fifteen years in the corporate training industry, the company’s founders decided it was time to take their skills and love of their work to a new level. So, in 1999, Polestar Solutions was created. Polestar's name came about because the North Star―the Polestar―has been a guide to all sorts of quests for millennia. Solutions was chosen to emphasize this firm is in the business of solving problems. Thus, Polestar Solutions: Creative problem solving for corporate training and development.

From the very beginning Polestar's corporate culture has been based on professionalism, creativity, and a zeal for discovery that provides positive results for clients. As Polestar has grown, like-minded people have joined and enhanced the company, bringing their skills and brilliance to the mix. Polestar Solutions is a group of creative, independent thinkers who are not only passionate about their professional goals, but their personal projects as well: family, community service, and all the arts, especially theatre. Enthusiasm, a drive for excellence and a can-do work ethic drive Polestar Solutions.

Our company is focused on creating highly customized and effective training that provides a rich experience to the learner. We started out as a provider of technical support and customized instructor-led training. Our focus has since shifted to training, and as technology has evolved, elearning. Over the years, a team of talented instructional designers and trainers have helped grow Polestar into a trusted training resource for many multinational companies. Today, we enjoy long-term relationships with most of our clients. Our ability to build bridges and partnerships helps create effective training solutions that support their long-term corporate goals. We are proud to have a diverse list of clients who count Polestar as their most trusted training resource.



Off the desk! Not on the table!
Paws. Off. Keyboard!

Polestar is fostering kittens! Working with the West Orange Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, Release organization (WO TNVR), we are fostering a brother and sister pair to adoption. WO TNVR follows a trap/release protocol for ethically capturing cats, treating any illnesses, and spaying or neutering before release back to their colony. This humane approach helps manage feral cat colonies: Resident felines are healthier and less likely to disrupt the community. Colony kittens are collected, fostered for three months minimum, treated for infections, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered before placement in forever homes. Hand raising socializes the kittens and eases their transition. Ours are a sleek, sweet, coal-black girl, and a handsome, tawny-furred, golden-eyed boy. They are affectionate lap-cats; always ready to “help” here in the office. Little Girl and Tawny Boy like men, women, kids, and other cats. They enjoy playing with everybody and are not at all shy. Are you located in the New York/New Jersey area? Would you like to meet our kittens? Just navigate to and download an application. If you cannot adopt but would like to foster, contact WO TNVR or your local trap/release organization. There are definitely challenges with fostering, but the satisfaction in helping small creatures makes everything worthwhile. These babies have become terrific adoption candidates and will be a wonderful fit in a loving home. Oh, by the way, lists Little Girl as Cinderella and Tawny Boy as Fluffy. Just so you know...

Elizabeth Rogers

Team Adventures

What's New



Southside Support for Special Needs Families

I have spent the last dozen years advocating for the rights of individuals with disabilities in three different states. Most recently, I volunteer providing adult learning opportunities and community inclusion support alongside Southside Support for Special Needs Families, a grassroots organization. I also serve with the Special Needs Ministry at Peachtree City Christian Church to ensure inclusion during Sunday School, Preschool, and community events. I can often be found underneath Georgia’s gold dome, discussing the needs of individuals and their families with state senators and state representatives in an effort to change the landscape for the disability population in Georgia. For pleasure, I enjoy traveling alone and you just never know where you’ll find me! I spent a little time in April lost in China and made it back thanks to the mercy of a few locals, a few French nationals, and WiFi hotspot.

Bettina Riccio

Sr. Learning Consultant and Project Manager

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