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Love of learning is just one link in a chain that leads to success.


Welcome to Polestar Solutions

Are you researching training solutions? Looking to repair training deficits, or developing a corporate training plan? If so, you have come to the right place. At Polestar, we partner with you to deliver training solutions that overcome the challenges of modern business. Motivating, performance enhancing, and customized learning experiences will help you achieve your training goals and bring your organization measurable results.

Customized elearning gives employees the easily accessible and highly relevant training they need.


Custom eLearning



Customized ILT gives employees the opportunity to interact in real-time with an expert facilitator.

Custom ILT



Performance Support provides alternate learning opportunities that go beyond training initiatives.

Performance Support



Let our experts help your experts. Our T3 and
T2ID training hones the skills of your instructors and ID's.

Training the Team



Help business stratergies succeed by upgrading employee skills to successfully adapt to changes.


L & D


Why Polestar Solutions ?

What we do

What our clients are saying

We at Polestar Solutions are experts in corporate training design, development and delivery. Our trainers and instructional designers are some of the best in the business. Polestar training is fully customized to meet your business goals: We create solutions. Whether your training is delivered in a traditional classroom, via synchronous online webinar or asynchronous elearning, meeting your corporate goals is foremost through every step of our process.

What we offer

  • We help you achieve business objectives: Polestar collaborates with your team to develop training solutions that support your unique corporate initiatives

  • We get your staff up to speed with your business objectives - quickly. Courses are designed to mimic your workflows. We use data relevant to your corporate culture so learners effectively segue from the training environment to their professional responsibilities

  • We help you determine what training will effectively meet your objectives. We use a multi-faceted approach to identify training needs. Nothing is off the shelf. Courseware development and delivery is customized to support your corporate goals

  • We understand corporate time constraints: Your time is valuable. To keep projects on-track, a communications framework is established at the outset that respects your time and resources

  • We give measurable results. Fully customized learning supports business objectives, resolves deficits, and solves problems. The results provide a positive ROI for your company


Thank you for taking the time to set up additional Excel and Macro training for the dd’s Business Process Team. The feedback from them was positive, and they have learned a great deal from the training that they can apply directly to their current job and spreadsheets they are responsible for maintaining. I also believe this will allow them to continue to grow. Thank you so much. It has been a big help for me as well, to trust that we can continue to support the dd’s Planning team going forward.


The Excel class was excellent and fun and it will enhance my current knowledge. Also I look forward to continued learning and attending more classes.

Performance Support provides alternate learning opportunities that go beyond training initiatives.


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