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Our Philosophy

Polestar Solutions: Creative, Collaborative, Problem Solving

Fully customized learning is a key to business success. We partner with you to identify your corporate needs and goals. Collaboratively, we will discover and create innovative custom solutions to produce successful business outcomes.


Some History

After fifteen years in the corporate training industry, the company’s founders decided it was time to take their skills and love of their work to a new level. So, in 1999, Polestar Solutions was created. Polestar's name came about because the North Star - the Polestar - has been a guide to all sorts of quests for millennia. Solutions was chosen to emphasize this firm is in the business of solving problems. Thus, Polestar Solutions: Creative problem solving for corporate training and development.

From the very beginning Polestar's corporate culture has been based on professionalism, creativity, and a zeal for discovery that provides positive results for clients. As Polestar has grown, like-minded people have joined and enhanced the company, bringing their skills and brilliance to the mix. Polestar Solutions is a group of creative, independent thinkers who are not only passionate about their professional goals, but their personal projects as well: family, community service, and all the arts, especially theater. Enthusiasm, a drive for excellence and a

can-do work ethic drive Polestar Solutions.

Our company is focused on creating highly customized and effective training that provides a rich experience to the learner. We started out as a provider of technical support and customized instructor-led training. Our focus has since shifted to training, and as technology has evolved, elearning. Over the years, a team of talented instructional designers and trainers have helped grow Polestar into a trusted training resource for many multinational companies. Today, we enjoy long-term relationships with most of our clients. Our ability to build bridges and partnerships helps create effective training solutions that support their long-term corporate goals. We are proud to have a diverse list of clients who count Polestar as their most trusted training resource.

Support of the Arts

We here at Polestar are avid supporters of the arts. Elizabeth has spent the last few years on the board of Pleasant Valley Productions (PVP), a not-for-profit theater company in New Jersey.  


When Heidi joined Polestar in 2019, she jumped in to help with many of the tasks required to get a full season of theater, dance, and music up and running successfully.


PVP’s home is the Oskar Schindler Center for the Performing Arts, a beautiful outdoor venue in West Orange, NJ. 


PVP had another exciting season this year with  amazing performances in concerts, theatrical productions, and dance programs.

Elizabeth Rogers

Managing Partner

Team Adventures

What's New




Office Cats

Sometimes fostering pets goes awry and you end up with residents. Such is the case with two brothers who started out here as kitten rescues and have become permanent fixtures here at Polestar. 

Loki and Lance make our days at the office a little more warm and cozy. If you need a little break, someone is always looking for some love. 

Keep an eye out in online meetings with us. You may just see a tail swish by. 

Loki and Lance

Liaisons of Cuteness

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